The raw output generated by FastTree.

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Command: FastTree -wag -gamma -log infer_out/infer/intermediate_results/gtdbtk.tree.log msa.faa
FastTree Version 2.1.10 Double precision (No SSE3)
Alignment: msa.faa
Amino acid distances: BLOSUM45 Joins: balanced Support: SH-like 1000
Search: Normal +NNI +SPR (2 rounds range 10) +ML-NNI opt-each=1
TopHits: 1.00*sqrtN close=default refresh=0.80
ML Model: Whelan-And-Goldman, CAT approximation with 20 rate categories
Read 1 sequences, 5 positions
NJ  (genome_a:0.000000000);
ME_SPR1     (genome_a:0.000000000);