The test command is used to run three small archaeal genomes through the classify workflow.

If your installation is unable to run the test command with an exit code of 0, then there is an issue with your installation.


usage: gtdbtk test [--out_dir OUT_DIR] [--cpus CPUS] [--debug] [-h]

Named Arguments


directory to output files


number of CPUs to use

Default: 1


create intermediate files for debugging purposes



gtdbtk test --out_dir /tmp/test --cpus 3


[2020-04-13 09:50:58] INFO: GTDB-Tk v1.1.0
[2020-04-13 09:50:58] INFO: gtdbtk test --out_dir /tmp/test --cpus 3
[2020-04-13 09:50:58] INFO: Using GTDB-Tk reference data version r89: /release89
[2020-04-13 09:50:58] INFO: Command: gtdbtk classify_wf --genome_dir /tmp/test/genomes --out_dir /tmp/test/output --cpus 3
[2020-04-13 09:52:35] INFO: Test has successfully finished.